about us



About us

We set off in 2003/04 as a loose multinational group of people who wanted to make a difference and help children in Nepal:
  • Max Bloderer (Steyr)
  • Bri+Walter Corn (Steyr)
  • Gudrun Heinrich (Edinburg)
  • Inge Kraml (Steyr)
  • Sabine Kraml (CERN, Genf)
  • Mike Lamont (CERN, Genf)
  • Stefan Roesler (CERN, Genf)
  • Rob Veenhof (CERN, Genf)
  • Peter Zemp (Zurich)
plus several more people who gave or give small(er) donations.

Everybody has been contributing what he/she could. Unfortunately, with the tragic death of Peter in Jan 2010, with whom I've been in Nepal several times and who took care e.g. of our accounting, the situation has become more difficult. We (I) are trying to continue, though activities are running at a smaller scale.

At this place, deep tribute to Peter for all his efforts!

Sabine Kraml


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